Flea & Tick Remedies


Fleas & Ticks are abundant in Florida.

Animals of all shapes and sizes are prone to these pesky critters, especially if you live in Florida where the heat & humidity are year round.

There are many chemical products on the market that you can choose from…..

I prefer to treat my dogs naturally and organically, I have had great success with any and all the following treatments.  I mix the following with their food.

Diatomaceous Earth by Dr. Goodpet food grade only!

Granulated Garlic by Springtime  (sometimes I use finely crushed fresh organic garlic)

Young Living Essentail Oils has put together a kit just for animals:  Animal Scents – contain these oils RepelAroma, PuriClean, Infect Away & MendWell.

I have used Purification essential oil to assist me in removing ticks, place a drop on the tick & it will usually back out so you can pick it off with tweezers.


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