Flea & Tick Remedies


Fleas & Ticks, chemical free options. Easy way to remove ticks

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Walking Pets on Hot Pavement?

are you walking your dog or pet on hot surfaces, asphalt, concrete even sand? Are you burning your dogs feet or maybe causing heatstroke?

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How hot does a car get? Only takes 15 minutes for your pet to possibly die……Do NOT leave your pet alone in a parked car even with the windows cracked…..

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Black Tourmaline & Grounding Essential Oil

Grounding Oil

Black Tourmaline aids in grounding, Young Living Essential Oil blend of Grounding aids the crystal vibration.

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Lavender and Amethyst Meditation

Lavender & Amethyst

Meditate with Amethyst and Lavender Essential Oil

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Lotus-Wei Flower Essences


Lotus-Wei Flower Essences and Wei of Chocolate for 2015, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Vegan

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Canine Teeth Cleaning

Canine Teeth Cleaning at home – no anesthesia!

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Carson’s RainDrop Technique


Carson is my 4 1/2 year old  125 pound male Bernese Mountain Dog, who loves getting YLEO RainDrop! If you haven’t heard of Young Living RainDrop Technique – it is an amazing way to achieve the many benefits of using Young Living Essential Oils.  RainDrop Technique combines the benefits of diffusing essential oils with the…

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YLEO October Special

YL Oct spcl

The Holidays are fast approaching – transition your home this Holiday Season with these Free Oils from Young Living Essential Oils.
Learn more about the benefits of Myrrh and Cinnamon Bark Essential Oils for your pet too!

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Is Your Pet Stressed?


Is Your Pet Stressed? Fearful or anxious? Want a natural safe remedy……no chemicals…..Young Living Essential Oils can help.. want to know how and which ones..

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